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Give Your Child a Lifelong Gift

Learning a foreign language is enriching in many ways:

  • Multilingualism has been shown to help in developing a child's reading, writing, comprehension, problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Knowing a foreign language helps a child feel at ease in different environments and helps to cultivate an appreciation for other cultures and diversity.
  • Foreign language learning fosters a child's natural creativity, adaptability and increases his self-confidence.
  • As the world’s most widely spoken language, Mandarin Chinese is both relevant and useful.

With the many benefits that multilingualism brings to a child, it is advantageous that there is also no better and easier time to learn a foreign language than from birth.

Kids learn better when they are having fun and it is stress-free.                                                      

With the loveable Bin Bin and his endearing friends, children may not even notice they're learning a foreign language with Bin Bin's Magical Bubble Adventures.



"What I appreciate about Bin Bin is that it is an immersion experience. Too many materials rely a lot on English. For kids growing up in an English dominant environment, that is not helpful. The Chinese immersion experience may seem intimidating to adults, but that's exactly how little kids learn best. " Dr. Carolyn Hsu, College Professor

"Why we love Bin Bin: 1) Immersion stories WITHOUT English. This is a big bonus for us - we believe kids do not need English translations. Many DVDs on the market use a mix of both languages, & it's been very hard to find Mandarin only DVDs (that don't require a multiregion player). 2) Stories & characters are very engaging. Kids love Bin Bin, his bubbles, & his friends. 3) Great graphics & spoken Mandarin. 4) Educational - kids finally learned their colors." Olesya Alferenko, Mother of twins





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