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Chinese (Mandarin) Learning DVD

In Bin Bin's Magical Bubble Adventures, Bin Bin and his friends engage and "teach" children about colors, foods and sleepy time through fully animated stories, songs and fun "lessons."

Target age group is 3 to 10 years old, but this 75-minute DVD is fun and instructional for all ages.

Fun Animated Stories

The "story" format (vs. "lecture" format) captures and retains the attention of children who are eager to understand how each adventure unfolds.

  • Where Did All the Colors Go? - Join Bin Bin as he takes you in a magical bubble to ... Color Land! Just as Bin Bin is about to arrive, a storm washes away all of Color Land's colors. Bin Bin's friends — Emma the dog, Max the bunny and Katy the squirrel — are sad that color has left their world. With the help of items in his well-stocked vest, Bin Bin is able to restore colors. But Emma, Max and Katy each want to add only their favorite color. Will Color Land get its array of colors back? Come along to find out!

  • Magical Land of Food - Bin Bin is happy to visit his little dog friends, Emma and Aiden, who always share the most wonderful foods with him. But this time, Emma and Aiden are unable to find any food to eat. So Bin Bin takes his friends on a journey to the Magical Land of Food. Join Bin Bin and his friends on this yummy adventure and see the magic for yourself!

  • Sleepy Time Adventure - Little bunny Max is so excited that Bin Bin is able to spend the afternoon with him. As it gets late, Bin Bin helps Max to prepare for bed. Max can't wait to say good-night to his favorite things: stars. But when he looks up in the sky, Max is unable to find any! Can Bin Bin and Max find the stars? Will the stars retake their places in the sky for the world to enjoy? Explore the night sky with Bin Bin and Max to find out!

Memorable Songs

Using familiar children's tunes, children are brought into the world of Chinese (Mandarin) and sing along with Bin Bin and his friends. The fun and lively tunes make vocabulary words easier to learn and remember. The songs’ combination of music and rhyme (right-brain learning) with language and syntax (left-brain learning) also helps your child utilize his entire brain.

Vocabulary Builders

In addition to learning vocabulary through the three stories, each story's key vocabulary words are reinforced in a bonus track. Bin Bin and his friends are the "instructors" in these tracks that help to make the learning fun and friendly.

Language Immersion

Language immersion is a method of foreign language instruction that surrounds the students in the foreign language and uses the foreign language as a teaching tool. With language immersion, children have greater exposure to the cadence and flow of the foreign language. Bin Bin's Magical Bubble Adventures is entirely in Chinese (Mandarin) and inspired by the language immersion method of instruction.

Full Phonemic Coverage

Across the Bin Bin's Magical Bubble Adventures' stories, songs and vocabulary builders, all of the phonemes of Chinese (Mandarin) are spoken thereby exposing children to all the sounds of Mandarin.

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